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September 16, 2015
Global Plus: Religious attire in the Public Square
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Religious fashion matters. It matters to individuals who view wearing head scarves, kippas and turbans as a positive expression of faith, and it matters to societies increasingly setting restrictions on religious attire in response to concerns ranging from security to the belief that increasing diversity represents a threat to the essential character of their nations. So how, in the face of intense political and social pressures, can nations balance issues of religious freedom, tolerance and national identity? A developing body of research sheds some light on the debate.

September 13, 2015
GlobalPlus: Religious healing and affordable health care
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An increasing importance of faith, an openness to alternative medicine and a lack of access to quality care are contributing to a resurgence in religious healing among Arab Muslims. The tasks that lie ahead include creating stronger, cooperative relationships among the religious and medical communities, and building health-care systems enabling citizens to receive quality medical care at a price they can afford.

May 18, 2015
The pope, free speech and dialogue explored at Argentine event
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                                        BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – The global impact being made by the first Latin American pope was on the minds of many journalists attending late April’s IARJ conference, since they were meeting in the dynamic city

May 16, 2015
GlobalPlus: Religion and violence: Pakistan’s story
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How extremist organizations that preach violence have gained such a foothold in Pakistan is less a story of faith than a textbook example of the cycle of violence and conflict that erupts when governments and political interest groups use favoritism and coercion to manipulate religion to their own ends. The result is the world’s second-largest Muslim nation finds itself in its fourth decade of warfare, with a precarious democracy hanging in the balance.

May 11, 2015
GlobalPlus: Ebola, religion and health in Africa
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At their best, faith-based organizations and religious communities have embraced Ebola victims with loving care, heedless of their own safety in treating the suffering and working with public health officials in education and prevention efforts. Still, amid the uncertainty that has gripped governments, world health officials and religious groups alike, responses have been varied over religious rituals such as Muslim and traditional African burial practices encouraging the washing of the dead, Christian practices such as exchanging hugs and handshakes and receiving communion orally and the reliance on traditional healers that provide sources of comfort and hope to believers but also pose public health risks.

April 22, 2015
IARJ in Argentina
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The IARJ is hosting a meeting of leading journalists and editors in Argentina. Below, in Spanish, is the meeting invitation and details. En el marco del seminario internacional “Periodismo y Religión en América Latina”, la Asociación Internacional de Periodistas de Religión (IARJ por su sigla en inglés) invita a participar de la conferencia abierta “El papel de Francisco”.

February 16, 2015
Global Plus: Religion and Immigration in Europe
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The transition to more religiously and ethnically diverse societies is rarely a smooth one. An economic downturn and heightened security fears have made it particularly challenging for countries throughout Europe. Amid the turmoil, many governments have forgone efforts at social integration in favor of legislation restricting religious freedom. But research indicates such efforts only increase conflict.

January 13, 2015
Eight Tips for Covering Religion Outside Your Home: The Arab Maghreb
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By Larbi Megari Reporting outside your native region carries many challenges. Among these is knowing how to handle yourself appropriately and improve your odds for getting the best story that you can. The IARJ is offering this occasional series on how to work in lands that you may not be familiar with. Larbi Megari, the

Spotlight on Astrid Dalehaug Norheim
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Questions and Answers with Astrid Dalehaug Norheim For more than 20 years, Astrid Dalehaug Norheim has been writing about religion in Norway. Currently, she is political editor for the Christian newspaper Dagen. Religion has been a part of her reporting since she started working as a journalist in 1992. She has done important reporting on

December 18, 2014
Global Plus: Democracy and Islam
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Welcome to GlobalPlus, a new monthly feature designed to increase understanding on critical issues in international religion. Each GlobalPlus, produced by our partner, the Association of Religion Data Archives, lifts up the voices and contributions of international journalists, scholars and researchers to promote accurate, balanced reporting on religion enriched by the diverse, high-quality data being produced throughout the world. The inaugural report focuses on the issue of Islam and democracy.