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October 6, 2012
Writing on religion in the digital age
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Writing on religion in the digital age The digital age offers many wonderful opportunities to communicate fair and accurate reporting on religion to audiences throughout the world. New websites offering religion news offer more alternatives for writers and readers, and traditional media outlets are developing greater skills in using the Internet and social media to

Primer on religious freedom and global conflict
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Religious Freedom and Conflict A Review of the Evidence By Roger Finke and Robert R. Martin Pennsylvania State University Religious Freedoms in the Global Context Despite being labeled as the orphan of human rights in the 1990s, religious freedom was one of the first rights to be recognized under international law. Even today a review

Compare nations
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  Compare your nation and up to seven other countries on a host of different features including adherents, religious freedom, socio-economic characteristics and public opinion on issues related to religion. Click here to compare nations.

International maps
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  Quickly observe global and regional differences on subjects from religious freedom to fertility rates using this innovative mapping program. Click here to view maps.  

Religion dictionary
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The Association of Religion Data Archives offers a comprehensive dictionary with explanations of religious terms, rituals and faith groups. Click here to begin searching the dictionary.

National Profiles
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  Receive detailed data by country on religious adherents, religious freedom, demographics and a host of other social measures. Click here to explore a country.

January 31, 2012
Reporting on conflict in the digital age
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Some of the first reports on the Norway massacre fueled speculation Muslims were responsible. Later reports described the perpetrator as a “Christian terrorist” or a “Christian fundamentalist.” Grisly images of the corpse of Moammar Gaddafi quickly made their way on to the websites of mainstream media outlets throughout the world. Some media tried to increase

Primer on Islam
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John L. Esposito, Founding Director of the Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University, examines the many faces of Islam in this informative primer.

January 11, 2012
Tips for Writing Compelling Religion Stories
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As the options for obtaining news multiply, what separates one newspaper or one website or one television station from another is the quality and interest of the stories they tell. All of the technological opportunities offered by new media come to nothing if outlets do not have content that is meaningful to readers.