Board of Directors, Staff & Regional Representatives

Board Chair

Uday Basu, editor and writer for news publications in India

Uday Basu has worked for India’s Statesman newspaper for over four decades as a senior editor and writer, with a specialty in religion. Based in Kolkata, Uday currently writes editorials for The Orissa Post, an English-language daily in India. He is a regular TV commentator and author of the book, Left Out in Bengal.

Board Vice Chair

Astrid Dalehaug Norheim, newspaper Dagen, published in Bergen, Norway.

For nearly three decades, Astrid Dalehaug Norheim has been writing about religion in Norway. She has done important reporting on how Norwegian Asylum Authorities view asylum applications from convert, and on sexual harassment and abuse in Christian organizations and churches. She has been working for the newspaper Vaart Land, and has served on the board for The Norwegian Union of Journalists.

Interim Executive Director, Board Member

Peggy Fletcher Stack, The Salt Lake Tribune, United States

Peggy Fletcher Stack is a veteran religion reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune in Utah in the U.S.A. She has won dozens of religion-writing awards and frequently travels the globe on assignment. You can read more about Peggy in this earlier profile.

Board Members

  • Indeewari Amuwatte (Sri Lanka)—Head of news for Colombo-based “AdaDerana English” on Sri Lanka’s only 24-hour news channel.
  • Uday Basu (India)—Coordinating editor of The Statesman, a leading English-language daily published in India’s major cities.
  • Endy Bayuni (Indonesia)—A past executive director of the IARJ, Endy is one of the leading journalists in Jakarta and also was appointed to Facebook’s global oversight board.
  • Pedro Brieger (Argentina)—Director of Nodal, an online hub for news from throughout Latin America, professor, author and columnist with Canal Five Noticias (Channel Five News), a pay-per-view television news channel.
  • Prince Charles Dickson (Nigeria)—Journalist for Blueprint Newspapers, whose work is also syndicated by the Sun Newspapers, Guardian, The Nation and The Daily Trust.
  • Jonah Mandel (Israel)—Full-time correspondent for Agence France-Press.
  • Peggy Fletcher Stack (United States)—Full-time religion writer at The Salt Lake Tribune since 1991, winning numerous awards.
  • Douglas Todd (Canada)—A past chair of the IARJ board, Todd writes for The Vancouver Sun newspaper and Postmedia Network.

Regional Representatives

  • Sub-Saharan Africa—Yazeed Kamaldien (South Africa)—Journalist, photographer and independent documentary filmmaker.
  • East Asia—Zurairi Abd Rahman (Malaysia)—Assistant news editor and columnist with Malaysia’s oldest publication, The Malay Mail.
  • West/South Asia—Waqar Gillani (Pakistan)—Special correspondent with The News International, one of the leading English dailies of Pakistan.
  • Europe—Jelena Jorgačević Kisić (Serbia)—Covers social and religious issues for the news magazine, Vreme.

IARJ Staff

  • Co-managing Director/Web Editor—Elisa Di Benedetto (Italy)
  • Co-managing Director/Web Editor—Larbi Megari (Algeria)
  • Communication Director—David Crumm (United States)
  • Finance Director—Martin Davis (United States)

Senior Advisor

  • David Briggs (United States)